The office of the Seneschal is the legal representative of the group, and responsible for the oversight and implementation of policy and procedure in the Shire of Pilgrims Fount. The Seneschal must make sure that the Shire follows all SCA policies and procedures, not only from the Shire itself, but also from the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann and the corporate level.

Seneschal: Duýri the Silver Tusk

If you have any questions about the Shire of Pilgrim’s Fount, what we do, or how to get started, feel free to contact the Seneschal. She will be happy to help you where she can.

I am Lady Teresa Bona and I am the Seneschal for The Shire of Pilgrims Fount. So you may be asking yourself what is a Seneschal?  Basically it comes down to this: I am the President of our local chapter of the SCA.   The way I view my  position is that I am the one responsible for ensuring that local, regional (Kingdom) and national (Society) level guidelines are adhered to and maintained. So yes,  I am the Captain of the ship, and like any good cruise, there are several moving parts to make your cruise an enjoyable experience and the Captain is just one of many.  So if you have any questions or if I can point you in the direction you need to go, then ask away! I’m here to help.
-A note from our Seneschal