Archery and Live Weapons

The office of the Archery and Live Weapons Marshal is responsible for the conduct and safety of our target archery and target throwing weapons activities. The Live Weapons Marshal will inspect equipment for safety and make sure that the target range is safe for everyone.


Greetings to you brave traveler, and Welcome to the Pilgrims Fount Live Weapons Activity page. Archery and Thrown Weapons practices are held on the first and third (and fifth if applicable) Sundays of each month at the Cedar Glades park in Hot Springs, AR. at 2:00 in the afternoon. Even if you don’t shoot or hurl weapons, you’re more than welcome to come out and socialize with us. If you don’t know how to shoot or hurl, you’re also welcome to come out to learn how.


Our first and foremost concern is always safety, so there are a few simple rules to follow on the Range(s). As Live Weapons Marshal, I will inspect the weapons and equipment used on the range(s), supervise participants as they practice their chosen activity, and I will be reporting the highest scores of the day to the Earl Marshal Deputy for Live Weapons so that each participant may claim their proper rank within the Kingdom’s archers/hurlers.


I am hoping to be able to expand the Live Weapons program in the coming months through various fundraising activities. If you have any small items that fit within the parameters of live weapons, spare weapons, parts and pieces to make weapons, targets, quivers, holsters, even toys that you would like to donate to the Live Weapons program to sell at practices or our next event, please let me know. The items we’re looking to purchase for the program include, but are not limited to: an archery backstop net, three period style Saunder’s Mat Archery target butts, and a wider variety of loaner equipment – especially throwing knives and axes.


I look forward to seeing you on the range,

Yours in Service,

L. Rachael du Bois le Basque


Archery and Live Weapons Marshal: Lady Rachel du Bois le Basque

If you are interested in archery or throwing weapons, please feel free to contact the Archery and Live Weapons Marshal, and she would be happy to help you get started.