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Located in the western wilderness of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, The Shire of Pilgrims Fount awaits… Picture a meadow ringed with bright pavilions, with pennons flying overhead. Noble lords and ladies watch the center of the meadow, where knights in armor strive with sword and shield. Minstrels play lutes and harps, singing songs of love or battle. Rows of archers let their arrows take flight, while elsewhere teams of equestrians lead their steeds to victory in tournament. While in the shadows of one tent, a King and Queen confer soberly with richly-dressed advisers. Can all of this be real? Come… join us and find out!
The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA) and its local chapter, the Shire of Pilgrims Fount, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization incorporated in California devoted to researching and keeping alive the customs, traditions, and arts and sciences of the Medieval and Renaissance Eras, from roughly the time of the Fall of Rome 600 CE to about 1600 CE. We do this recreation in the context of the “current middle ages”, an imaginary setting in which members can participate in various aspects of the culture and technology of the period, as well as do more traditional historical research. The SCA has grown since its inception at a backyard party in Berkley, California, in 1966, to include over 50,000 paying members, internationally. Our purpose is to bring to life the skills, ideals, and beauty that represents the best of the Middle Ages. Members select the time that interests them, and develop their name, style of clothing, armor, etc., all through research. While we enjoy the period, our current middle ages express it in an idealized form lacking plague and other aspects of a less technological life that made it miserable for some. This is a celebration of what was best about the past. The “best” of the Middle Ages and Renaissance includes ideals of chivalry, honor, loyalty, and respect for ladies. Many of the good values we work towards today had their roots in the Middle Ages and the concepts and ideals of Chivalry. These are the very same ideals we strive to demonstrate and teach in our group.
The Shire of Pilgrims Fount is an activity for the entire family. We offer classes for all ages in courtesy, courtly graces, and chivalry, as well as other areas of interest. It is our desire to use these tools to encourage strength of character in all participants. Even children are encouraged to participate in arts and sciences, games, camping, and foam-weapon fighting. Our Society is composed of people from all walks of life – anyone is welcome and encouraged to participate! Many of our members have extraordinary skill in calligraphy, metal working, costuming, and other arts. Most of us, though, are just ordinary folks who join the SCA to escape the pressure or boredom of everyday life — people who enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of other honorable people, and enjoy a chance to witness the pageantry and atmosphere of times past. Your local SCA chapter, The Shire of Pilgrims Fount, covers Garland, Hot Spring, Clark and Montgomery Counties, and the western wilds in West Central Arkansas. We host numerous events a year, plus monthly meetings, practices, and workshops. So, what is stopping you? Join the Shire of Pilgrims Fount as we live our lives in these current middle ages!

An invitation written by a member of Pilgrims Fount
Shire of Pilgrims Fount
Kingdom of Gleann Abhann
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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